Branching Forward

Stepping into the present, creating change through communication and connection.

Calm the chaos and unpack the tools to your future

All households get messy and we scramble every day to hide that reality from our friends, coworkers and relatives. We search for ways to freeze time, grasping for more hours to clean the mess and calm the chaos. Families’ deep and tangled roots, the explosions of emotions parents and their children experience every day, the muddy tracks that cover homes from the adventures loved ones go on - there is an underlying and unnecessary pressure to tidy and conceal these in neat and uniform containers.

So what would it look like if you began to take those containers off the shelf and empty out the contents? What stories would they tell about you and your children? What tools do they equip you with for your future? What’s in those boxes that will help you and your family branch forward?

Find your unique balance of work and play

Anthea has had the honour to accompany children and parents through their academic victories, growing pains and personal development for over 20 years. She began her career with a play therapy approach and designed educational plans for children with special needs. She thoroughly enjoyed working closely with families – supporting parents with tailored teaching strategies and created activities specific to their environment and needs.  

Reconnect with your roots, and branch forward

Anthea used this intuitive and responsive approach as a teacher for children from the ages of 3 – 12 years with a focus on Early Childhood Development for the past 11 years. After working in the school system for over a decade and exploring progressive teaching methods and attachment theory, she became a certified life coach to further help parents and kids reimagine ways to spend quality time together, reconnect, and bridge some of the gaps. Her goal is to always support families and the individuals in these units in their search for the unique groove of work and play. She understands the struggle to keep up with the demands of work life and family life and seeks to help individuals restructure their days by setting small tangible goals for a more fulfilling, inspiring and interconnected life.