Anthea Lovatt

Early Childhood Specialist, Educator & Certified Life Coach

Branching Forward is a family life coaching business founded by early childhood specialist, educator and certified life coach, Anthea Lovatt. Her unique and fresh approach to problem solving and her deep understanding of attachment theory and child behaviour will have a lasting effect on parents and their children. She instills the notion that “Your kids are who they are”—this isn’t about changing them; it’s about shaping them and understanding them better. Anthea will demonstrate tangible ways you can best communicate and connect with your children. In addition to family-coaching, Anthea offers her life coaching services to a wide range of clientele who are seeking self-development or progressing through personal challenges.

Anthea Lovatt, your personal family life coach will be attentive, understanding, and committed to work towards building a professional relationship that will help you branch forward.

Our family of five is thrilled to have Anthea as part of our lives.  Her skills as a deep listener and great communicator make her an excellent problem solver.  We’ve been blessed with three wonderful children. Anthea’s expertise with different learning styles has helped us all.  We now understand each of our children through a different lens, with a better appreciation of each as an individual. We’re happy to count Anthea as both a ‘coach’ and a friend.
— Mike & Tracey Henry