With career and financial demands, societal shifts, technology advances and the growing influence of popular media on our children, it often feels like we are losing the battle against time. One of the approaches is to focus on helping parents re-evaluate and restructure their time and energy to connect with their kids and break out of this pressure cooker.  Branching Forward works together with parents to create educational and extracurricular activities that will impact behavioural issues and habits for the future.

Branching Forward is committed to working with clients to see change.  A co-active, collaborative and individualized approach is used for every client.  Please feel free to contact Anthea to learn how these services can be uniquely tailored to you.

Family coaching

Branching Forward works with parents and/or families to help them create change, connection and play through comfortable conversations.

Life coaching

Branching Forward works with clients to achieve personal or career driven goals without the constraint and intimidation of a clinic or office.


Branching Forward collaborates with teachers to design and utilize supplementary, tailored lesson plans using your child's unique learning style that will help encourage confidence and progress.

School Liaison

Branching Forward acts as a mediator through conversations between parents, teachers and school systems. We work together to structure extracurricular and educational plans beneficial to your child's learning.

Open Table

Branching Forward connects groups of parents in a confidential, comfortable and safe forum to discuss concerns, ideas and issues regarding their family structures and exploring their courses of action collaboratively.