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About Anthea

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Anthea Lovatt, the founder of Branching Forward has dedicated her life to working with children and helping people of all ages reach their goals.

Anthea is an accredited teacher in Ontario and British Columbia, certified life coach and Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP). She is a classically trained early childhood specialist who uses her welcoming approach, intuitive style and deep understanding of people to encourage them to achieve their best.

Anthea’s coaching style helps clients especially parents unlock that underlying and unnecessary pressure by supporting them through organic conversations about their children over coffee. There is no questionnaire to be filled out and
no boxes to check off; it’s that simple.

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Why Branching Forward?

At a very young age, Anthea had a fascination of trees. She was taught by her Gran how to sketch and paint different types of trees. They were all different shapes and sizes and that was when she learned that trees are similar to people; we all are unique and grow and learn differently. This metaphor had a profound effect on Anthea’s life discovery. The trees unique beauty amazed her; how they start off as little seeds and grow to be strong, deeply rooted into the ground, with branches of leaves extending in their own directions was what inspired the name of Branching Forward.

Originally from Ontario, living in Vancouver since 2014, the natural elements of the West Coast deeply resonate in Anthea’s heart and soul. “There is something magnificent about standing in the vast rainforest landscape, and looking up, discovering that the lush canopy of green foliage above me was is always branching forward. The trees are indescribable and that is where I discovered I felt grounded and safe, it became my place of solace and refuge - a feeling that the roots were keeping me still and calm even if I was running or trail walking. “ This simple concept intrigued Anthea to begin her creative journey drawing in the beautiful west coast elements into her coaching practice.

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Lovely Words

“Anthea was particularly helpful with teaching our child how to communicate with peers and resolve conflict associated with bullies. She used role-play, empathy, confidence, respect, listening, and feedback to help our child step out to deal with such uncomfortable situations. We are very thankful to Anthea for her inspiration and guidance."

Lisa G.

“Anthea has a passion for seeing young lives transformed and improved. She has the ability to empower children in a way that allows them to become positive and strong in their own right. My son is now capable to handle whatever challenge is thrown his way. Thank you!”

 Janet & John Ramos

“Our family of five is thrilled to have Anthea as part of our lives.  Her skills as a deep listener and great communicator make her an excellent problem solver.  We now understand each of our children through a different lens, with a better appreciation of each as an individual. We’re happy to count Anthea as both a ‘coach’ and a friend.”

Mike & Tracey Henry

"Anthea has an invaluable ability to guide a conversation with ease and in such a way that leaves you with a greater sense of clarity and direction. She is skilled at leading you through the process of formulating a realistic plan of action that’s consistent with your priorities and values.”

Alexia G.


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